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I don’t

believe in


but I’ve

felt Heaven

in your


and Hell

with your


Typical Harry Potter Quotes
(Quotes that highlight the theme of the series)


“missing part” by anatol knotek

from the book “anachronism”

[if you are interested in buying this little book, please contact me on tumblr or via email: anatol(at)anatol(dot)cc]

Turkish Mambo, Frank Stella, 1967

people who don’t accept that i don’t drink are the worst

not sure if i would survive this party without my goddamn phone

As soon as someone tells me: ‘You’re rather sexy,’ I wish I could disappear. If somebody says: ‘You were voted the world’s sexiest man,’ I have no idea what that means. How do I respond? ‘Thank you’ is the best you can do. George Clooney is the world’s sexiest man, anyway.

he doesn’t stop talking about his girlfriend omg

Kit Harington and Richard Madden for Esquire.